Boiler Installation in Bournemouth

From receipt of your fixed price quote to the completion of your boiler installation we strive to provide you with a top-quality service. We pride ourselves on our local reputation and aim to stand out from the rest. Each customer is as important as the next so we take our time and ensure you receive a high quality install.

Replacing a boiler requires a detailed survey of your property before a quote can be prepared to match your needs. If your gas pipework, appliance and flues are not installed to standard, it can invalidate any warranties you may have with your appliance. This visit allows us to carefully inspect the current setup in your home and decide which products are best suited to you which leads to a perfect Boiler Installation in Bournemouth.

Which Boiler Should I Choose

We install industry leading boilers, such as Vaillant, Worcester Bosch, Glow-Worm along with many others to suit your needs. We are accredited independent installers and can access lengthy guarantees that may not be widely available. We deal with well respected manufacturers and supply premium products to our customers at competitive prices. If you feel your boiler is coming to the end of it’s lifespan it generally makes more sense to replace it sooner than later.
Repair costs can start to escalate quickly once components start failing. Modern boilers are highly efficient and built to last saving you money in the long run.

A popular boiler in UK homes, the Worcester Green star series is a good choice for those that want the reassurance of a well-known brand. Very reliable, high performance and with top rated customer service, Worcester are a market leader in innovation producing highly efficient boilers.

With extended guarantees and great value for money, Glow-Worm delivers quality and reliable solutions for your home. The new Energy series is lightweight and compact and one of their most efficient ranges to date.

Vaillant’s Eco Tec system is another heavy hitter in UK homes. With an extensive range of boilers available they are a well known brand backed up by multiple awards.

Are There Different Types Of Boiler I Can Have?


The most common boiler in UK homes, Combi boilers provide you with hot water on demand directly from your mains supply and can improve water pressure to your taps and your shower. They eliminate the need for water storage cylinders and can free up valuable space in your home whilst being incredibly energy efficient.

Conventional boilers

These boilers heat up water and store it in a tank keeping it warm for generous periods of time. They are fed by a cold water tank usually stored in your attic. They can be of benefit if you need lots of hot water in different outlets in your home at the same time but they generally take up more space and have fallen in popularity over the years for this reason.

System boilers

These boilers directly feed hot water to a storage cylinder and the radiators in your home. A system boiler takes water directly from the mains so no need for a tank in the attic. They can maintain a substantial supply of hot water even if multiple taps or showers are in use at the same time.

How Long Does It Take To Get My New Boiler Installed?

Depending on the type of boiler you select, sometimes we can complete our installation on the same day. We aim to cause as little disruption as possible, we understand nobody wants to be home without heating & hot water so we’re dedicated to provide the best Boiler Installation in Bournemouth. 

We can give clear guidelines once you have chosen your boiler and we keep you informed every step of the way. Once your install is complete, we issue your paperwork and get your guarantee sorted asap. We leave your home and take all traces of our work with us.