Boiler Servicing In Bournemouth

Boiler Servicing in Bournemouth

Safety is the key reason to get your boiler serviced on an annual basis and is recommended by all Manufacturers.  Unsafe gas appliances pose a serious risk to you and your loved ones and should be annually serviced by a Gas Safe Engineer.  

Protect yourself from the dangers by following these simple steps

  • Only use a Gas Safe registered engineer to service your gas appliances
  • Watch out for warning signs, are the yellow flames lazy, are there black marks and stains around your appliances?
  • Get your appliances checked every year

Maintaining your warranty and your guarantee

Manufacturers recommend getting your boiler serviced on an annual basis, in most cases this is vital to protect any agreements you have in place. A boiler service can also pick up faults or defects related to the manufacture of your appliance which you can then raise with your provider inside your agreement’s lifespan.

Saving Money on your energy bills

Heating amounts for 55% of what we spend on energy every year, well maintained boilers run very efficiently and can save you money on your bills. Being energy efficient is important for the environment and your pocket, the more efficient you are the more money you save.

Boiler Servicing In Bournemouth

Preventing Breakdowns

There are many problems that can arise inside your boiler and a service can often pick up faults such as broken seals, pressure problems, leaks etc.  Left unattended these often small issues can go on to cause increased and expensive damage to your boiler.  Servicing your boiler on an annual basis can stop these problems from escalating and save you money on costly repairs over time. 

A 2020 Which survey of 7,500 boiler owners found that about two-thirds of boilers that are serviced annually have never needed a repair